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Auto Loan calculator

How to operate

Step 1:

Know the price of the vehicle, your downpayment amount and the amount of loan you wish to borrow. Enter that information into the first three fields.

Step 2:

In the next three fields enter the number of months the loan is for, the annual interest rate, and payment method.

Step 3:

Click the 'Calc' button towards the bottom to receive results.
Use this calculator to calculate loan details when the down payment is expressed as  an amount.

Note that the calculator calculates what percentage the down payment is of the price of the car. This is handy when a lender requires a borrower to provide a minimum percentage cash deposit.

The term (duration) of the loan is expressed as a number of months.

   12 months = 1 years

You can print the payment information as well as view payment schedule charts with the buttons below in the form.

*Loan Calculator does not guarantee or lock in pricing*
Auto Loan Calculator
Enter a "0" (zero) for one unknown value above.

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